Music Software for Your smartphone

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Add music software to your smartphone to listen to all your downloaded tunes, or get music streamed straight to your phone with no downloading. Music software that’s designed specifically for smartphones is available through apps, small programs that are made just for mobile devices. Find the apps that meet your music needs, so you never have to go without your favorite tunes.

Android Apps

There are many music apps available for Android smartphones. Use the imeem app to stream music to your phone at any time. The imeem app also provides you with digital radio service. Save your favorite artists to hear their tunes, make custom playlists, and choose music by genre to completely customize what you hear.

TuneWiki is another streaming music app made for Android devices, but it also streams video. TuneWiki, unlike many streaming music apps, also allows you to access your personal music library, if you want to create custom playlists. While it plays your favorites, TuneWiki shows the lyrics of the song you’re hearing. Use the Shoutwall feature to share your music selections with friends.

iPhone Apps

Download the Pandora Radio app on your iPhone to listen to streaming music any time. Pandora shows you cover art, and bios while your music plays. The user-friendly database was designed to help you find new music, based on the selections you’ve made in the past.

Other Apps

Download the Mobbler app for Symbian S60 and Nokia smartphones. The Mobbler app allows you to access with your mobile to stream music. will remember music you listened to on previous Nokia music apps, if you had software on an older phone. While playing, Mobbler will show you album art.

The AccuRadio app is made for smartphones with WebOS technology. Palm smartphones commonly use WebOS. AccuRadio is true to its name, giving you a selection of radio channels to choose from, by genre. Block tunes you don’t want to hear, and access the now playing mode to get information on the songs you like.

Muve Music

Muve Music is Cricket’s popular music app. The app gives, listeners unlimited downloads for a standard monthly fee. The unlimited access allows users to enjoy music from any genre or artist they like. Monthly artist spotlights give users select tracks and details on some of the biggest acts in the industry. Trey Songz Announced as the Muve Headliner Artist of the Month for December, created well-publicized video sessions for Muve Music.